About Your Stay


When you get to the junction of the A171/A174 please turn off your SAT NAV it will take you the wrong way.
Drive into Whitby on A171, in Whitby at the Traffic Light junction with the A174 drive on the A174 towards Whitby town centre, down Prospect Hill to small roundabout, across and up Chubb Hill Road to roundabout, second exit onto Upgang Lane, turn right within 100 yards onto Crescent Ave, after about 250 yards take first right into John Street (be aware of a sign that says NORMANBY TERRACE this is JOHN STREET) almost IMMEDIATEY! turn right through arch (see & enlarge link below) and drive straight on. After 60 yards drive across the top of Clarence Place and park against bollards on the left, block gates with sign that says NO PARKING.


If you arrive after dark you will need a small torch
Leave car, gain access through small gate at the top of Clarence Place, key safe on side of gate number this safe contains keys for small, large gates and shed. From small gate walk straight forward to metal garden gate in the form of a light house, on the gate post at the right of this garden gate is another key safe. This safe contains the front and kitchen door keys
Please do not use the emergency key safe except in an emergency
A full extra set of keys is hung in kitchen
After your holiday, Please, please check that you have left all the keys for next visitors.


Please accept that parking is very tight & requires very good reversing skills.
Part of Whitby’s attractions are the narrow streets and lanes, this does not help when parking, it is tight.
We do have the benefit of our own parking which most properties do not have, however see below points;-
a. Please accept that parking will require two people and involve very tight reversing
b. Please get children in the house before reversing cars
c. Please wedge gates to prevent gates moving and damaging cars & gates, use sprung Legs, stones & bollards to securely hold gates, damage to your own or some other car is NOT our responsibility.
d. Please do not block the road ways other than when you are with your vehicle
e. Please be aware that parking on the lane is restricted, the council will issue fines
f. Parking is officially for two cars, if you can park three cars that is fine

Groceries & Laundry

We believe that the property is fully equipped, however there will NOT be any, tea, coffee, milk or food, there will not be any washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets or washing powder, toilet paper, kitchen roll etc. we assume you will bring same and take them home after your visit.
We not provide towels so you will need to bring your own

Internet Access

Wireless broadband is available, password is located on fridge, TV or router.


Kitchen small TV working from standard roof aerial
Lounge Large TV working from FreeSat aerial (works only via Freesat Humax box)
We have left the old Sony TV to play;
a. Video’s (a number of children’s titles on book shelves)
b. Games that you would need to bring along with relevant console
DANGER: This is a very, very heavy TV do not let children pull it forward.

Waste Bins

We are fortunate to have an outside area at Whitby, however almost the entire area is made of stone and there a number of steps so please be careful, warn and supervise children at all times.
Dustbin Orange Top Note Bin day has changed from Friday to Wednesday
We have had trouble getting the bin emptied regularly, so much so that we now pay a fee to the council.
The council now have a key to the yard and will visit every WEDNESDAY to empty the bin.
I am told that if all cans, bottles along with general rubbish are placed in separate plastic bags within the bin, the council will recycle them etc.
Please do NOT put the bin anywhere outside our yard.
If you have any problem with the bin emptying then please ring me and I will ring the council


We are hoping that the garden will bear fruit and herbs, if these are available in your visit please use them.
Please use the disposable type charcoal BBQ, please stand them on bricks provided (see bench near back door, to see the effect of placing disposable BBQ on wood)
Please do not throw in bin until they are completely cold.
Please accept that the person who lights the chiminea is responsible for the safety of all other persons, especially children. Please do not have too big a fire.


If some or all of the electrics fail then the most likely cause is that a ‘trip’ has thrown, look in the small cupboard under the stairs and reset trip.

Heating & Hot Water

The heating is divided into five separate zones, second floor, first floor, ground floor, garden room and hot water, the towel rails will get hot when any other circuit is working. Each circuit has its own wall mounted thermostat and its own time control which is mounted at the bottom of the attic stairs.
In the unlikely event of the heating failing then there are a number of fan heaters, if the hot water fails there is an immersion. The fan heaters and immersion heater are in the cupboard at the bottom of the attic stairs, you will need the code from the writer or the caretaker.
The hot water is from a hot water cylinder (tank) it is not a Combi boiler, if lots of people are having showers etc. the hot water will need to be switched on, it is difficult to run out of hot water but it can be done.
Be aware that to comply with bye laws and best practice the hot temperature is governed to approx 43deg C at the tap, this primarily to prevent scalding of children and venerable people.

Outside Lights

These lights are plugged in at low level at different ends of the Garden room.

Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The property has three battery operated smoke detectors and two mains operated (with battery backup) heat detectors. These detectors are checked monthly and ALL batteries are renewed annually (Christmas time)
The property has two Carbon Monoxide Detectors, one in the kitchen & one at the bottom of the attic stairs, these detectors will require changing in 2019.

Safety Information

See various posters and laminated instructions in the property.
These laminated sheets are also sent as an attachment to the information and directions sent by e mail.
See children’s safety re hanging strings & self closing doors

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